Your Second Birthday

perpetual calendar

You woke up around 7am. Downstairs, your table was dressed up with special birthday things. A perpetual calendar with the today’s date. And a birthday gnome sitting on top, his crown magically very similar to your birthday crown.


A new Mama-made farm play mat. A wooden airplane, a Mama-made “Two” t-shirt to go with your birthday crown from last year and the very special Mama-made Busy Book all wrapped up.
she likes it!You opened your busy book and seemed to love it. Pointing out the pictures and each pages function.
kite pageYou carried the kite from the kite page with you all morning and even tried to take it to the library, but Mama thought it was a safer idea to leave it home.
the train

dressing ellie


Then you went back over to the table to explore your new farm play mat.

a frogYou put the pigs to sleep and you talked about all the vegetables and fruits in the garden.

birthday peg doll

It seemed to tickle you that the birthday gnome was wearing the same crown as you).
photoWe took your monthly photo after we had all gotten dressed.
the winnerAnd then we were off to the library for storytime to meet your friend Summer and her Mommy.
story time


slide fun

We had a few “two-year-old” struggles while out and about. Maybe a little too much fun.  By the end of the morning, you were over-tired and very grumpy. So a nap was had.

And when you woke up, your very favorite people in the world were there to greet you, Gramma and Grandpa. We enjoyed lunch and you got to ride the merry-go-round at our local mall. We ate dinner together and then ended the evening with your very first ice cream cone (you’ve had licks of ice cream before but never a whole cone to yourself. You were thrilled).
first cone


A warm bath when we got home, goodbyes to the grandparents and bedtime after that. A very busy, somewhat emotional and partly challenging, joyful, happy first day of being two years old.
Happy Birthday Eloise Harper!


12 thoughts on “Your Second Birthday

  1. oh! how adorable she is! i love the way you wrote this post to her! what a fabulous idea… she will love this so much someday! you are a wonderful mother summer 🙂

  2. Summer, first I want to say happy birthday to your beautiful Eloise, two is such a fun age.
    I have been sitting here with tears in my eyes just waiting until I could see to write you, thank you doesn’t seem near enough. As you can guess your package arrived today and I am blown away. Each item you made is fabulous, I love it all, from the painting to the beach rocks, you incorporated all the things I love. The mug rug and coaster will fit beautifully in my home. The citrus salt smells so divine and I can’t wait to taste the granola. And the peg doll!!! Oh my goodness, I can not wait for Emerson to see her, she is loved already. You have touched me so much with your thoughtfulness and I will always remember this moment.

  3. Wonderful photos, Love all the mama mades. I want one of the peg dolls but it will have to be particular to me. I’ll think about it for a while. I keep seeing all those cute ones you paint and there’s one there for me. I’ll let you know.

    Such a sweet blog on Ellie’s birthday and I will be sure and put it down on our calendar that is it on the fifth , not the fourth.

    Love to all!

  4. Happy Birthday Eloise!! My fav picture is the one in the chair with the two fingers! Adorable as usual, looks like she had a wonderful Birthday! I look forward to watching her grow and play with her new toys. Wow does the time go by fast eh!
    Big hugs from my toddler to yours 🙂 x

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