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I received these beautiful gifts in the mail the other day from the blogger swap. (Here are the gifts I sent off). The lovely Amanda from The Life and Times of Julian and Amanda made them and I am so taken by every item! As soon as I opened the box, Ellie squealed for the hedgehog pincushion (she’s calling it a mouse). So, I took out all of the little pins and she carried it around all afternoon. I was finally able to snap a few photos of everything for today’s post. The dishcloth is exquisite! It will be lovely to hang in the kitchen and the soap, smells amazing. The buttons are darling! And they will force me to finally make Ellie a top. Or maybe I can convince my mom to make something for her with them? Or a knitting friend? It really was lovely getting all of these goodies! This swap was a delightful way to end Β the summer. Thank you so very much Amanda!!



10 thoughts on “Gifts received!

  1. So sweet, everything is just so sweet. I think the little hedgehog [mouse] is just the right size for wee hands and it’s adorable that Ellie loves it so. I especially love those buttons, they are beautiful and if you need help on the knitting front, just ask, I knit πŸ™‚

    • Tracey, I would absolutely LOVE that, but I couldn’t ask that of you!! Let me pay you to make something!! I would love any kind of sweater and she certainly would too!!

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