A Fire Truck at the Library

This week on library day, I had a doctor’s appointment, so it looked like we wouldn’t be going to the library. Jeff stepped in and said that he would take Ellie to the library, so not to disrupt her regular routine (what a Dad)!. Well when the day came, my appointment ended up getting cancelled, so after hyping up “Daddy going to the library”, Jeff decided he’d take off the morning and go anyway. So the three of us headed down for Dada’s first library visit, and what an exciting visit it was. It turned out that the local firemen were coming to talk to the children about being firemen. The chief read the children a story and then we all got to check out the fire truck and watch a fireman put on all of his gear. It was very exciting! Ellie has been talking about it all week and asking to read fire truck books at bedtime. We loved that Dada took off work to join us at the library and we all enjoyed our morning with the firemen!!

fire truck sign

fireman reads

listen with Dada

its here!

fire truck!


high five

touching the truck












3 thoughts on “A Fire Truck at the Library

  1. When I was three I walked from the nursery school to the fire department building, the firemen called my mother and the school as i could tell them where I lived but they gave me a tour of the place till Mother came to pick me up. I think I kind of scared everyone but I was just delighted to talk to the firemen and see the big trucks. I only really remember the story, but do remember being there. Kind of young for a real memory but seemed like it later. Kind of cute though, eh?

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