Portrait Project

45/52eloise: you stroll down the block pushing your baby in the stroller. You hit a bump in the sidewalk and she slumps over in her seat. “Oh no! P.B!” You exclaim. I watch you as you kneel down beside her. “You okay baby? Oh baby. It okay.” You take her out of the seat, give her a hug and settle her back into the stroller. I love watching this empathy in your play develop. Some days I feel as if I’m failing as a mother, but then on days like this, I see, I must be doing some things right. 

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!


4 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. Failure, no, mistakes now and then, probably, but a friend once asked me “do your kids still talk to you?” (and of course they do).. I thought that was so funny and have passed it on to other moms through the years since then. Lordee, Summer, you’re doing a bang-up job as far as I can see. I tell myself the same thing, I must have done something right as mine all turned out to be wonderful, caring, compassionate people. They don’t come any better.

    And what Ellie is doing is mimcking you, right?

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