A Little Collaboration

My mom is a rag quilter. When she’s not teaching reading and math in the public schools, she’s sewing. She’s made so many beautiful quilts. I’m a very lucky daughter (and my daughter is even luckier). A few months ago my mom was with me in our local, favorite fabric store and we came across adorable mustache man fabric (Les Monsieurs fabric by Michael Miller). The little men looked just like peg dolls. An idea immediately came to mind and we left the store with enough fabric to make two baby/toddler rag quilts. While my mom worked on the quilts, I made some replica mustache men. My mom added a pocket to the quilt, in went my mustache peg man and a crafty collaboration was formed. My mom sold the first quilt and peg dolls as soon as she put it in her shop. This is the second quilt and peg doll set and I had to share it here before it went up in her etsy shop. I just love how it turned out!
peg doll blanket

mustache man

mustache man close up


check out my Mom’s shop here! She has this quilts and many more beautiful quilts in her shop (and my shop here, if you are looking for custom peg dolls).


6 thoughts on “A Little Collaboration

  1. i love this!!! some of my favorite works of “art” are the collaborative kind (and yes, i consider quilting and peg dolls an art) 🙂 is it too late to put a christmas order in for a peg doll family of three?? (be honest) i can order it later as a birthday gift if it’s too much too close…

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