Weekending: Thanksgiving edition!



T day books

matching dresses


gramma toys







We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house this year. Jeff cooked the turkey and made an apple pie. My mom and grandmother made the rest. I made a sweet potato pie and chased around a little munchkin. I finished her Thanksgiving dress just in time (a dress to match the baby doll I made her earlier this Autumn). The dress was actually up-cycled from an old skirt of mine. It was a nice, busy day with family.

We also had a sort of friendsgiving as well this weekend. My closest friends and their families came down to our house for turkey sandwiches and stuffing (Jeff got up early and roasted another turkey. He’s my hero). We drank mimosas, munched on turkey brunch and took the kids to the playground. A lovely morning and afternoon with dear friends.
our party






tree lot

happy holidays



daddy and boo

photo booth

Sunday was spent at home, enjoying the cooler weather and little bit of rain. Christmas decorations went up and we bought our tree. We ended the night with a trip to the carousel and a walk down by the marina. It was a nice, long weekend to kick off the holidays. I’m so very thankful for the wonderful family I am apart of and especially for my darling little girl and my loving, sweet husband. I hope you had an equally wonderful weekend!


9 thoughts on “Weekending: Thanksgiving edition!

  1. everyone looks so happy! you had twice as much fun with the two celebrations. Her little wee animals are cute and would have been something my daughter would have played with!

    • Those wee animals are actually my youngest sister’s. She still keeps all of her collection of Maple Town Families in her room in a case. When Ellie comes over, she lets her enjoy them (but never lets her take them home). 😉

  2. what a beautiful holiday! it’s such a wonderful thing finding time for friends and family through the holidays. we have A LOT of family to gather with and the friends tend to get put on the back burner through the holidays. i plan to change that in the future…. because they are our family too! 🙂 i love that you made time for it. and i LOVE that print “if you have a garden and a library….” love love love!!!

    • Hope you had a delightful Turkey day Jenny!! It is very tough getting together with old friends, but we try to do something at least once a month.
      ANd thank you! I love that print very much too!! It’s the truth!!

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