A St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Our third year going (here is last year and the year before, because it’s so much fun looking back). A Birthday Party for Ellie’s best friend (who happens to love Peter Pan too, thus the “hook”). And a Sunday, to catch up on chores and enjoy some fantastic sunsets.


fun shamrocks
rainbow pocket
fun times
wells fargo wagon
green pig
purple bug
cute dada
bday present


6 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. how fun!! she is ADORABLE!!!! glad for the reminder too 🙂 i’m always that parent who forgets to put their kids in green…ack 🙂 i had completely forgotten again… thank goodness for your post!

  2. I’m so happy Ellie liked her headband! I shared your pictures with my mom who sends her love. She says Ellie is adorable. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Xx

  3. Summer, your wee little one really is getting so big and oh my goodness is she a cutie.
    I know your days are full to overflowing, tiring at times, but all filled with such goodness.

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