Weekending ( and a little recap)

Last week we celebrated my Mom’s birthday and had ourselves a boiled dinner. Usually Jeff’s Mom cooks the St. Patty’s Day meal (they’ve been out here twice during the season), but this year they weren’t with us, so I called her up instead, wrote down the Langille instructions and went to work. Of course, Jeff helped me a little bit and Ellie helped make Irish soda bread as well. It was a delicious dinner. The next day we surprised my mom for her birthday and brought her a painting I’ve been working on. It’s the largest painting I’ve ever done. I kind of feel like it’s not quite finished, even after I decided I was “finished”, but my Mom seemed to love it as is. When we were kids, she always had a full row of potted African Violets on the kitchen counter. So of course, I thought African Violets would be perfect in a painting for her.
irish soda bread
soda bread
birthday painting
gramma's 59
As for this weekend, we spent Saturday doing chores. Grandpa came over and spent an afternoon walking the beach with us. (Gramma was out-of-town for the weekend).
flowers and good reads
library books
new bunnies
ellie plays
rocks and sticks
grampa and ellie
swing higher
crazy ellie
The beach was a lot of fun. Because of the warm weather, there were lots of people out and about. Sunday we visited with old friends, spent some time working in the garden and ended the evening early. Looking forward to all that Spring has to offer!! Happy week and Spring to you my friends!!


4 thoughts on “Weekending ( and a little recap)

  1. i just love the little glimpses around your pretty home 🙂 the meal looks fabulous. and the painting! sooooo pretty! your are amazing summer!

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