Back in Business

I’m finally back! After a very long time away from this space, it seems. Ellie had the throw up bug and then sadly I got it soon after. It was long and relentless! But, I’m finally feeling back to normal. Poor Jeff spent his birthday evening cleaning up after his two sick gals. Were going to have to make it up to him this weekend. 

We did get to celebrate his birthday the morning of (everyone was feeling relatively okay). 

I had painted him a hop yard and home in the woods (something he’s always dreamt of). And Ellie had made him a special card of “Dada out in the garden”. He got some other fun odds and ends and I even managed to get him a cookie and some icecream at the local shop. 


We sang our best happy birthdays to him and he blew out his oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. (Sorry for the iPhone photos… I haven’t picked up my camera in quite some time either). 

So now that were all well, were hoping to get on with summer time! Jeff’s birthday started us off. Next up is mine at the end of the month and then Ellie’s after that in August. It’s going to be a busy summer as usual. 


7 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to the nice guy that takes good care of his nice wife and nice kiddie. Looked like a yummy cookie.

  2. It’s wonderful news that you are back and all is well in your home. Happy birthday to Jeff, I love his cookie with the candle.
    I hope you all enjoy a great belated birthday weekend.

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