Catching up

It’s been very hard keeping up in this space. Partly because every spare moment I have (while Ellie is sleeping or playing with Dada) I’m crafting or painting (or cleaning). I thought I’d catch up in this space though, and share what I’ve been working on lately. 

Some of you may be following me on Instagram, so you’ve seen my little summer solstice sprites. Were counting down with a little nature peg doll every day. I’ve been enjoying writing little poems for each summer sprite and Ellie has been giddy about the new play mates. 


I’ve also been working on my softie and rag doll patterns.  They’ve been so much fun to make, but I don’t think I’ve quite found my pattern yet. I think I’m very close. The doll above was a custom order for a friend and the two Alpaca softies were gifts for family. 

Ive been working on all sorts of other crafty things, but these are what I have photos of right now. More updates to come!! 


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