My Grandpa Earl passed away earlier this week. He was my Grandmother’s second husband. And although he wasn’t my real grandfather, he had been around long enough that I considered him my grandpa. I spent a week with him and my grandma when I was in my early twenties. Listened to him tell stories about his favorite things. Giving me lessons on history and the way things work. He was a painter, an oil artist. He had a beautiful studio out behind his home. The last time I went to visit, it was filled with art and supplies, but lacked his presence. His hands and heart, too tired to paint anymore. 

The last time we were up visiting was when Ellie was just about to turn one. He made these delicious pancakes. We brought home his recipe and Ellie and Jeff make them every Saturday morning. 

Were heading out to Washington to be with my grandmother and for the service this weekend . I will probably be absent in this space for awhile. 

(My parents, grandmother, baby Ellie and Grandpa Earl). 


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  1. oh summer, so sorry to hear about this loss 😦 your stories of him shine so bright though. how beautiful that you make his pancakes every weekend. i hope your time with family is deep and healing… your on my heart friend.

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