Tea and Lunch with Vincent Van Gogh

So I’ve started implementing a fun little addition to our lunch and or tea time ritual with Ellie. I read about Charlotte Mason’s “introduction to artists through tea time” on a blog somewhere and fell in love with the idea. I decided to start with Vincent Van Gogh, mainly because Ellie saw A Starry Night in one of her books and started talking about how she liked it. She thought it looked like Peter Pan’s Neverland. I wanted the artist study to be as age-appropriate as possible, so I tried to keep it simple and created a little mini Vincent Van Gogh (machine embroidered and painted with water colors on fabric and then stuffed). I then recreated A Starry Night and a few other Van Gogh paintings by needle-felting reproductions. Ellie has gotten the biggest kick out of them. We’ve looked through books of his art and read Camille and The Sunflowers a lot. It’s a perfect story for Ellie’s age.
This week we’ve moved on to actually painting like Van Gogh. We talked about how Van Gogh painted what he felt. We painted our own Sunflowers and Ellie painted “a happy sunflower”.
We also made our own Starry Night paintings with foil and finger paints. Then we made prints of the sensory experience (which sadly, I did not get a chance to photograph yet, but they turned out lovely!).
DSC_0065 DSC_0069 DSC_0074 DSC_0078 DSC_0079 DSC_0085
After all the talk about Van Gogh, the reading about him, and his art and the painting experiences (we did a self-portrait project too, that I will talk about later), we took Ellie to the Getty to see a real Van Gogh to wrap things up a bit. The day after, I set up a little small world play with art flash cards and peg dolls to represent the museum experience. She enjoyed reenacting visiting the museum.
It’s been a really neat experience so far to introduce Ellie to the great artists. She’s even asked if we can do “a new artist”. And we certainly will…


3 thoughts on “Tea and Lunch with Vincent Van Gogh

  1. wow! this is incredible summer! you have so many lovely ideas to tie all of this together! i LOVE those felted pieces… really really love them! you are so inspiring!

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