Super Late Weekending!

Okay, so it’s almost NEXT weekend now…. I’m trying. Keeping up with everything has been tricky…. my poor blog has really gotten the brunt of it though….

Last weekend, was Jeff and my 6th anniversary. We spent it at the Avocado festival in Carpinteria with friends. It was a fun night!
Then on Sunday, we had my Grandmother’s 80th birthday bash out in Los Angeles. It was a really, really fun day with family. A mini family reunion! Ellie had a blast with cousins from all over and  I had a really nice time reconnecting with lots of family I hadn’t seen in a while.


One thought on “Super Late Weekending!

  1. we have been so busy too! and i do the same… life gets busy and the blog gets neglected 🙂 i suppose it’s good, if we are going to neglect something… that may be the best.
    happy anniversary! avocado festival… that’s awesome! i LOVE avocado… i wish we could grow them. yum! very excited to be trading with you again 🙂 the peg family you made is one of my children’s most cherished toys.

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