Our visit to the Alpaca Farm

At the beginning of the week, we got to meet an online friend for the first time (which is always so much fun to finally put faces to names) and we got to visit a local alpaca farm together. A very fun and interesting morning. The farm was situated up in the hills about 30 minutes from our town. A chilly morning, a few days after the rains we had, so everything had a brighter look to it and there was plenty of muddy puddles to jump in. We brought along our muddy puddle boots and headed in. The farm was owned by a lovely lady who had been breeding alpacas for quite some time. There were so many of them sprawled out in pens for acres. Munching on grass and enjoying the warm sun. The owner took us around a bit. Answered our questions and then turned us loose to visit with the gentle animals. She also had two giant but very gentle dogs who followed us around. They watched over the herd of Alpacas and watched over us as well. We even got to watch the owner and her veterinarian check some female Alpacas for pregnancy. One out of the three they checked was pregnant and it was rather fascinating seeing the teeny tiny baby alpaca on the ultrasound. We ended the morning in her fiber room, where she spins her own fleece into yarns. I came away with a little pink skein. Perfect for making some little softie scarves.


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