Watching Birds

Wanting to introduce Ellie to more nature, I thought it might be fun to start talking about a “bird a month”. She loves the artist’s that come to visit so much, I thought this would be a fun way to bring in some science and nature study (all in an age-appropriate way of course).
We started with a cardinal for February (except for I should have done my research earlier. Turns out this species of bird is not found in California). Whoops. But, it surprisingly has interested her despite and next month I will be more conscious of introducing our local fauna.
IMG_0790I brought out some great bird guides and books and then made her cardinal, egg and nest magnets for the fridge.
We looked through our guides and drew our own cardinals for our bird book we started keeping. We talked about what they looked like, what the female looks like, what color eggs they lay and what they eat and how they make their nests.
Ellie’s Cardinal!
IMG_0603Painting, cutting, gluing and learning about Cardinals.

We are certainly enjoying learning about birds over here! Stay tuned for March’s bird.


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