Frida came to visit

So, I know I have been a terrible blogger. I’ve turned to the dark side (otherwise known as Instragram). You will find me there posting a heckuva lot more than here. But, I think about this space so often and so long to come back regularly. I just can’t seem to fit it in as often as I did before. But, I’m trying. I miss all of my bloggy friends. If you are still out there, know I’m thinking of you!

Anyway, this post is a long time coming. The incredibly talented Aly Parrot sent Ellie and I an amazing gift earlier in the year. An artist doll she had made. A Frida Kahlo doll. The most beautiful Frida Kahlo doll I have ever seen. We were both thrilled when she arrived. I had a stack of Frida books for Ellie and I to delve into and we started our activities to get to know her and her art soon after. Frida Kahlo was quite the artist to introduce to a 3.5 year old. She had quite the life and many of her pieces are quite dark. Some of her art, I just couldn’t share with Ellie because of the content. I stuck with the basics. We worked on self portraits.
I found some downloadable Frida Art cards online and these paintings were the ones we concentrated on.
Ellie’s 2016 Self Portrait

We talked about how Frida was in an accident and had to stay in bed for a long time. She would paint while in bed. Ellie really wanted to try painting lying down, so that’s just what we did. She worked on another portrait as she half-laid down on the couch.
After she was done, she wanted to try it before bed. We never got to actually do that, but this was a fun and interesting way to paint and Ellie seemed to really enjoy it.
We did some more smaller projects with Frida. Looking through the microscope and then drawing, like she was said to have done. One of Ellie’s favorite things though was to listen to Frida’s story on this great little app about her. I wish they made them for every artist.
We will definitely be exploring Frida more throughout the years. We barely touched on her extensive work. We will be back to explore in the coming years. But our introduction to Frida was a great start.

And please, check out Aly Parrot’s amazing art and creations here.


2 thoughts on “Frida came to visit

    • Hi AMber!
      The Frida doll is actually Aly Parrot’s. You can find her on etsy under her name. But,we will be working on FRida Artist set soon, hoping by early next year. 🙂

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