“Here stands a good apple tree
stands fast at root, bear well at top
Every little twig, bear an apple big
Every little bough, bear an apple now
Hats full! Caps full!Threescore sacks full!”
-Traditonal English verse

This past weekend we took our second annual trip to the Avila Barn Apple orchard. We had been talking about Johnny Appleseed as soon as September hit and Ellie was anxious to pick her own apples, bring them home and make apple cake (after reading this book) and apple butter (something I try to make every year). We met up with my best friend and her family and headed to the orchard  and farm on the warm almost autumn day. Ellie got to feed goats and sheep and ride a pony. And then we took a hay ride over to the orchards and picked away. We brought home ten pounds of apples to enjoy! Before we headed home though, we spent the rest of the day relaxing by the beach in Pismo. Ellie and my friend’s son enjoyed exploring the tide pools and running around the beautiful beach. It really was a fantastic day. Here’s last year’s trip. It’s fun to see the differences!
Sunday we spent cleaning up and getting chore done, but then on Monday, Jeff took a half day and we took Ellie to a surprise live show of The Wild Kratts! Ellie was so excited! I thought it might be a little overwhelming (it was kind of overwhelming for me), but she seemed to just love it! I made her the shirt. We scoured Target for one but to no avail. So we bought a blank T and I did up a quite doodle of our favorite brothers.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


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