Easter Blessings

Happy Easter! I just finished reading Ellie to sleep…
It was an early morning and late night. Hoping we all sleep in tomorrow. A very excited little girl woke us up bright and early today. The Easter bunny had come. We tiptoed downstairs to see if he had hidden any eggs and sure enough, all Ellie’s wooden eggs were hidden inside the house. There was an egg hunt for good ol’ Frog and Toad as well! He left a basket of goodies for Ellie and even hid all the eggs we had dyed the night prior, outside in the yard! It was quite the exciting morning! Then all of our family came over to enjoy Tri-tip on the grill and an Easter potluck. We had a really lovely day. It ended with Ellie telling me, “You know what my high was today Mama? It was finding the dinosaur from the Easter bunny! I love him so much!” (Well, that makes the Easter Bunny smile from ear to ear after it took her two nights to hand sew the dino).

Now Jeff and I are ready to sleep (hopefully past 6 am tomorrow). 😉
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Many happy bunny dino blessings to you!


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