An Earth Day Play date

I’m combining our Earth Day celebration with the day before because it was definitely an “earth day” like play date as well. Wednesday we went looking for an estuary that was supposedly near by. We found the state park closed, but managed to find part of the estuary still open on another side of the beach. We took a lovely little walk around several different pools of water, checking out grebes and wood ducks, terns diving for a meal and swallows gathering the gnats. The girls enjoyed exploring and discovered caterpillars, animal skat and bones of a pelican as well as some snake skin (or lizard skin, we weren’t sure). It was a lovely afternoon checking out a new special, local nature spot.

Then today, we met up with a whole bunch of friends for a little Earth Day play date. I had seed bomb materials for the kids to make their own seed bombs of native flower seeds and I read an Earth Day book to the kids and made them all Earth Day badges. The kids were certainly happy roaming around the bluffs and climbing trees together and whats more important than that, on Earth Day.


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