Bridging to Kindergarten

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about our home school bridging ceremony yet… this happened at the end of August. We had a little ceremony for the little home school nature group I host every week. I printed out posters of the work we did over the summer, so they could revisit everything. I set up a little bridge for the girls with flowers and I said a little bridging poem I made up for each of them as they walked across from preschool to kinder. They also got several badges I made for the summer work they did. The other moms brought a beautiful tea party for us to enjoy afterward. It was a really nice morning and a perfect beginning to our fall semester!

DSC_0192DSC_0193DSC_0201DSC_0196DSC_0210DSC_0216DSC_0221DSC_0228homeschool 5DSC_0231homeschool 2Homeschool 1homeschool 3

homeschool 4DSC_0234DSC_0248DSC_0243


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