A Homeschooling Autumn


We spent the last couple weeks delving into “tree study” in home school club. Using the wonderful Into The Mountains painted rocks, I told the story of Why the Evergreens stay green. And with MirusToys story set, I told the story of the Why the Maple Tree makes syrup. The girls loved the stories and wanted to make their own story stones (I had little bark flats for them to make story stones- they worked just as well).

The older girls collaborated on drawing and labeling a large tree and its parts and the younger girls climbed trees in the park. 😉 We talked about the trees in the particular park we were in, what their bark looked like and what it might be for, the rings on a tree and what they were for (we used Into the Mountains beautiful crocheted tree ring to guide us). And the girls ended with an open-ended painting on large slabs of wood.


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