Thankgiving 2017

This year for Thanksgiving, Jeff and I hosted once again and it was a really wonderful day all around. My family (mom, dad, sisters and brother plus Jeff and Ellie) were there with my sister’s new husband and his mother and brother as well as my Grandmother. The weather was nice, so we ate outside. Jeff and I recently lost a friend to a tragic car accident and so that family was on our minds as well as the fragility of life. And my Mom is also going through a lot right now with a tough diagnosis of breast cancer and that has been the focus of making every day special and wonderful before her surgery and the long road to recovery. We have so much to be thankful for- and I’m once again thankful for a day like yesterday with my family and friends. We ended the night with Jeff’s famous apple pie, brownies and nilla wafer pudding and a round of Heads Up that put a smile on everyone’s faces and utter thankfulness in all of our hearts.


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