Homeschool : Winter Bird Study

We’re back at it again. This being only our second week into home school club with our little pack of wild girls and boys. It was a crazy winter so far with wild fires and evacuations and mud slides so close to home and then lots of illness. But, we’re hopefully starting to see the light of a new day. Our winter birds study day was a welcome retreat from the craziness of the world. The girls really enjoyed the day. We started with talking about adaptations and differences in winter versus spring birds and then I told a Chickadee Burgess Bird Book story with paper dolls I had made for the occasion. We made our own bird paper dolls (the girls have been really into making up stories and plays, so I thought these would be a hit). Then we made winter bird feeders to hang in our favorite park. At the end of our winter semester they will each get a bird patch (I’m ahead of my game and made several already, even a few to put in the shop).

We use Lynn Seddon’s Exploring Nature With Children to outline our mornings. birdstudy19
And Veronika Hortt’s Winter stories and poems.
And if you don’t own the Burgess Bird Book, you must. It’s full of lovely, very authentic  tales of birds and wildlife. birdstudy3

The girls wanted to have a “show and tell”, so most of them brought “bird items” to share. birdstudy4birdstudy5
Ellie, of course was donned in her best bird outfit for the occasion. birdstudy13birdstudy6birdstudy9birdstudy7birdstudy8birdstudy11birdstudy10birdstudy17birdstudy12birdstudy15birdstudy14birdstudy16birdstudy21
Happy Winter Birding!!


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