Portrait Project

Ellie: Five years ago I was still pushing through a very long, rough labor (22 hours to be exact)… and at 10:00 pm on August 5th, you finally showed your face sunny side up! you are my greatest joy and my greatest challenge. You are full of spunk and imagination. You are fierce and mighty and gentle and funny. You want to be a paleontologist, zoologist, geologist, engineer (so you can build your own theater), and then actress (so you can sing The Last Unicorn song for anyone who asks).
You love dinosaurs and dolls equally and think Madagascar Hissing cockroaches are cute. You live for play dates with your friends but will still cuddle with me when ever I ask. These five years have been amazing…. I love you Kid of mine!

Happy Birthday Ellie Lou! Your Mamasaurus loves you!

Ellie: zoned out watching Dino Dana on t.v., naked with a dino mask on. This is classic Ellie.

Ellie: My beautiful sunshine girl. You love riding your bike anywhere and everywhere! A perfect summer day riding down the beach boardwalk!

Ellie: It’s always “the best day ever” when you get to play with your friends, paint together and make music together! You are one lucky little girl!

“The 52 Project! A photo once a week, every week in 2017”


Portrait Project

31/52eloise: A few days shy of two years old and this picture tells a story… You are silly. You are moody. You are loving. You are slow to warm up but full of life and joy for those you are comfortable with. You are strong-willed and smart. You sing songs and you love to dance and move. You swing and always ask to be pushed higher. You want to balance along the walls and sometimes don’t want to hold my hand. You talk to our dogs and tell them stories about your day. You love your Grandma so fiercely, you sometimes forget your Mama is here too. You delight in carousels and pinwheels and trains and kitty kats. You shower me with kisses and hugs but can push me away just as fast. I love every bit of this almost two-year old. From the frowns to the smiles. You are my sunshine girl.

-joining Jodi for the 52 project.