Portrait Project

41/52eloise: you sit in your room with a band-aid in your hand. We had walked all the way to the store on a very hot afternoon to buy you some band aids that you had requested after falling down and scraping your knee. When we bought them, you didn’t want to put one on your boo boo. In fact, you seemed frightened by the idea, that just seconds before, you had been giddy about. So we walked all the way back home carrying the box of band aids and you sat in your room holding them. Carrying them around like little paper princess medals (you chose the pink princess ones, of course). Once you figured out how to open one, you were eager to open them all. But put one on your boo boo? No way. They go on top of your pants, that way everyone can see where you have a wound. 😉 

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!