This Sorry Lot

Our house needs to come with a warning to stuffed animals.

Ye stuffed animals who enter, may end up getting their eyes bitten out by fierce French Bulldog.

We are pretty good about picking up Ellie’s toys when we leave the house, but every so often, a stuffed toy get’s left out and Charlotte goes to town. Maybe she’s angry at us for leaving her, maybe we need to walk her more, or maybe she just doesn’t like stuffed toys staring at her, but twice now, we have returned home to eyeless stuffed animals. After a good Charlotte scolding, I get out my sewing basket and go to work mending. We now have Patch the Bear and Patch the Horse. Kinsfolk.

charlotte no!

look away

the posse

one paw

the duo


Don’t tell Charlotte, but I kind of think they look rather adorable with patches.