He Brews Again!

brew haha

My husband has finally gotten out and started brewing again since Ellie was born. He is a budding brewer and before Ellie was born had been brewing almost every other weekend. And coming from a very scientific background, he means business when he brews. Of course I know nothing about brewing beer and happily nod my head whenever he starts talking beer. I’m happy enough just to drink it. But he loves getting out there for a full day and brewing. I captured the process this time so we could have a bit of documentation and thought I would share it here today.

hops and barley

grinding it down

brewing water

turning the brew


twisting and turning


baby brew

He built all of the brewing equipment from scratch and brews with hops he gets at a local homebrew store. He is wanting to one day brew with hops he, himself has grown. We had success growing hops on our balcony in Orange County so he’s very optimistic we can grow them even better here in Ventura County. He gets a sparkle in his eye anytime he talks about brewing. I know this is a little more than just a hobby for him. It takes time to brew and I recall getting a little resentful when he would claim a sunday as a brewing day in the past, but I know how much this brewing means to him and I’ve been trying to be a little more accepting of the hours he needs to complete a brew. It’s an exciting science experiment for this man of mine and every time he talks about it or shows me his process (which I still don’t understand) I see a dreaming, smart young man. It’s neat to watch him in his element- science. It’s one of the reasons why I married him. He loves a good puzzle and figuring things out. That’s what brewing is to him. And I love that he wants to bring Ellie with him sometimes to check on the brew. He wants her to see and learn what he’s doing, what he’s into. Mama is just a spectator when it comes to science and brewing. But, Ellie… she may have already been bitten by the science bug. And that’s certainly okay with me.