The Orange Tree

orange tree close up


citrus branches

bird feeder

a peek

clotheslineWhen we first saw this house and saw that it had an orange tree in the back yard, we was sold! I had always wanted to grow a fruit tree and here we had an orange and a lemon tree already growing and producing beautiful fruit! Of course we are renting, so these trees aren’t really ours, but we are doing our best to care for them, love them and eat from them often! This past weekend I noticed the branches were becoming very heavy with fruit and so armed with my fruit picker (Jeff bought one the day we moved in), I picked some fragrant armloads of oranges. We have a lot of fruit! Not only have we been eating them and cooking with them, but we are giving bags of them away to family and friends. For some reason, giving this fruit away tickles me so and leaves behind a warm feeling. I love the gift of homegrown food (okay, I didn’t really grow this tree, but I’m tending to it). I love that on our walks we see plenty other fruit trees in our neighbors yards. It’s good that we finally live in a place where growing one’s own food is accepted practice. And I think we’re just going to have to make friends with some of our fruit tree neighbors so that we can acquire some more produce- like those mandarins and avocados I’ve been eyeing from outside our window.

basket of oranges