A Walk Through Quincy

I have a sweet, little baby with her first cold fast asleep next to me. It’s a pretty dreary day here in Massachusetts but I thought I’d share a walk we took a few days ago, before it got so dreary and wet. A walk through a very historic town, the town my dear husband grew up in and the town I have spent time in nearly every year since I met Jeff. I had never been into the town center though, so this was a real treat for me…

church before entering town

I love all the beautiful New England churches on every corner. This lovely white one with the clock caught my eye as we entered into the town center.

thomas crane library

another churchThe Thomas Crane Library and another beautiful church.

abigail and john quincyMiss Abigail Adams and John Quincy himself.

schoolI believe this was a school built in memoriam for the Adams’ after they had passed. It resides on Hancock street and is now a museum.



And one of my favorite New England things, the Quincy Cemetery. I find these vast spaces so very peaceful and full of history. It’s hard not to think about the lives of each of the names on these headstones and wonder what life was like for them before they passed. Cemeteries always make me want to get into geneaology. Find out who people were and how they lived. I enjoyed the walk through Quincy Center and maybe sometime this summer (when we return for a wedding), we can visit the Adams houses and learn more about this old, interesting town of Quincy, Massachusetts.

ellie all snugEllie happily slept in the ergo the majority of the walk, but I got this cute shot of my bundled up girl right before we made it back to Nana and Papa’s house.