A Birthday Blanket

It took me quite a few months to finally finish it, but I completed Jeff’s birthday blanket (his birthday was in May) while I was on vacation  last week. It was a mish mash of scrap fabrics (you may notice some Anna Maria Horner and Aunt June fabrics) and I did not do much measuring… I just threw it together as best I could, but it came out pretty nice. Even Miss Charlotte our French Bulldog decided the blanket was comfy. Of course she decides to lay down right as I’m trying to pin the blanket. With my novice sewing skills, I made a few major mistakes, one being I didn’t have enough muslin to cover the back, so I had to sew on some scrap chenille to finish the back off. The last stitches on the machine ended badly as well, when the needle got stuck in the mass of fabric and batting and lo and behold, I broke that needle right in half, right before I finished sewing the edges. So, here I am hand-sewing the rest of it.

The blanket came out very lovely and the belated birthday boy seemed content  to finally enjoy his hand made present.


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