Picked my first Persian Cucumber.Enjoyed a yummy dinner of Heirloom Beans, ground turkey, peas, eggs and croutons made from Jeff’s homemade bread. We used this recipe substituting frozen peas for the broccoli. And enjoyed our fantastic meal under the light of moon glow. Spent some time working on doggie training… specifically recall. Enjoyed the warm weather at the Antique Market where Jeff finally found a straight razor. As well as visited our favorite Sunday spot- The Farmers Market, for fresh beans, berries and other goodies.

Our Farmers market Loot! (Yes, we came out of there with ANOTHER plant. This time a blueberry bush to round out our berry collection). My antique market find- a lovely little teapot I had my eyes on for months. It was still there so I finally grabbed it up and made it mine. I also grabbed up the matching salt and pepper shakers too. I love the little farm depiction with the family working in their garden. Jeff ended the weekend by making two fabulous loaves of bread, recipe from Whole Foods For The Whole Family, a cookbook my mom used all the time.

A wonderful way to end the weekend. Warm bread, two tired puppy dogs, laundry folded and put away and the welcoming arms of one fantastic husband.

Happy Sunday!


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