This weekend was filled with fun and good food. Jeff tried a new multigrain bread recipe from a magazine we discovered a few weeks ago called COOKS Illustrated.


My cooking endeavours this weekend were a little less work but boy was it yummy. After finding this recipe on ones of my favorite blogs, I decided to try popping my own popcorn and making the basil parm drizzle with my own garden basil. It was very fun and a great weekend treat! 

And one last thing I had to share, something that really excites me, almost like its a piece of art I put together every Sunday…. my refrigerator. I absolutely love to come home, cloth bags full of veggies and fruit from the farmers market, meat and cheese, glass containers of milk…. and fill up my refrigerator just right. My husband knows to stay out of the kitchen when I am “arranging the food.” Yes, it sounds a little nuts and a little OCD, but it makes me feel good to see the bounty of what will be turned into next weeks breakfasts, lunches and dinners.




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