Tomatoes Galore

Many of the blogs I subscribe to have been busy talking about their plentiful tomatoes and all the fantastic things they are doing with them. My little balcony garden has not given me the bounty that others have received but I have been getting a steady stream of two and even three tomatoes in different sizes and shapes just about every week. My mother on the other hand has had the miracle upon miracle tomato garden. Each plant of hers is producing more than she knows what to do with and that’s a lot because my mom doesn’t eat tomatoes. Why she grows them is beyond me but I am thrilled she does because the other day she brought me over a basketful of tomatoes to do with what I pleased. I had come across this recipe which was perfect for our meatless monday meal (we used kale instead of arugula) but I still had plenty of leftover tomatoes. Well, then I stumbled across Amanda Soule’s recipe for Soule-Sa  while reading her new book. I’m always a bit trepidacious when making anything like this but this recipe seemed pretty quick, easy and straightforward  and so I decided to try it. To my amazement (and my husband’s) the Soule-Sa came out wonderful and delicious. I halved the recipe because I didn’t have quite the 5 cups of tomatoes it called for but after boiling up a batch, I lovingly poured it into a mason jar, let it refrigerate overnight and then me and husband enjoyed homemade salsa and chips (the chips courtesy of Homeboy Bakery, a local organization that helps at risk Los Angeles youth  find an alternative to gang-related lifestyles. They come to our local farmers market every week and sell the most wonderful array of breads and baked goods, including tortilla chips).  I feel as if I have just begun when it comes to tomatoes!


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