Monday Musings

I had a lovely weekend! I hope you did too! I got a lot of much needed household cleaning done as well as made some fantastic chocolate chip cookies for a neighbors going away party. Jeff spent the weekend working on my worm bin which I will hopefully share more about this week.

For now I have been thumbing through some library books I picked up this past weekend…

I have been listening to this continuously…

This book gave me the inspiration to make some handmade books to store recipes in… and is also making me want to make something like this...

I am wanting to make something like this for my own bike basket…

and next weekend I am looking forward to going here in search of some vintage fabrics and a chair for my patio.

(the lovely napkins pictured above are from here… I think they are so summery and cheerful- love them!)

Here is to a fantastic week! Happy Monday!


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