This weekend we went to The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. What a pleasant surprise this place and event was! We partook in some beer tasting as well as a “talk” from sustainable beer producer New Belgium Brewing Company. Very cool talk, very good beer and very beautiful and interesting venue. It was a gorgeous fall day which helped hit off the weekend to a wonderful start.

It was interesting to tour The Ecology Center after the tasting and talk. They have a lovely garden with numerous types of vegetables and California Native plants as well as a water garden made from upcycled trash cans, a chicken coop and several vermicomposters.

The rest of the weekend was pretty busy with stops at the Antique Market (looking for dollhouse furniture… I did pretty well and even found some lovely china I could not pass up as well) and the farmers market for pumpkins, persimmons and sweet potatoes as well as getting some laundry done and some fall baking (I wasn’t going to let the 80 degree heat put a damper on my fall baking)!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a lovely week! Happy Halloween!













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