Little Furniture

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Every day I think up fantastic things to blog about on my way to work and through out the day and then I get home and end up watching tivoed episodes of Parenthood or Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. This week has been quite a busy, emotionally draining one to say the least. I’ve had the “I think I’m going crazy” talk with my husband several times this week… so I am pretty thrilled its the weekend.  I’m  hoping to get some sewing done and some dollhouse work accomplished as well. We shall see. For now, I wanted to finally share the little collection of dollhouse furniture I found at last weekend’s antique market. Not a big selection, in fact I had to dig through a few boxes of mildewy doll clothes to find some of the items, but I’m hoping that after this weekend and a little restoration on my part- these pieces of furniture will be nice additions to my doll house.

stay tuned next week for some refurbished furniture… and hopefully some better pictures too.

Happy Friday! (What’s left of it)


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