In The Garden

We had a very windy and blustery few days here in Southern California. Enough wind and rain that I had to bring in a few plants from my balcony garden. The weather seems to have calmed down a bit and right before the storm hit (I hate saying “storm” because compared to the rest of the world, California’s “storms” are like little gusts of wind- but that’s what the news is calling it, so I’m going with it) … anyway, I took pictures of what was growing in the garden to share here. Things are looking a bit more windblown now but in these pictures, things are certainly growing.

The last tomato of the season.

My miniature yellow bell peppers (seeds from here) that next year I will not stuff into a little pot. (I think they were ultra mini because of my choice in container).

My farmers market swiss chard is growing like a weed!

This is my miracle Home Depot Big Boy tomato plant that I could have sworn was dead a few weeks ago. I trimmed it back to a little brown stump and the spindly little thing all of a sudden perked up and started sprouting new branches, leaves and growth. I wouldn’t be surprised it next week it had tomatoes!

My little Monrovia Orange tree wasn’t faring too well. I noticed it was losing some leaves and tried perking it up with some worm casings from the farmers market. We’ll see how it does…

And last but not least, my basil that I picked up at Trader Joes ages ago that looks pretty shabby but has yet to brown and die. I think this little pot may be the reason for its lack of vigor. I constantly dream about next years garden and what cool things I can do differently.

I’m loving these ideas I found on pinterest.

Next year I will know more going into my gardening… but for now, I’m having fun keeping things alive and even sometimes producing tiny vegetables… Happy Fall Gardening!


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