Doll House Challenges

I’m in a dollhouse rut. I had a vision and it didn’t quite come out the way I wanted nor did I finish several things I wanted to and were coming down to the deadline…

I thought I would share with you what I have accomplished even if its not much more than what I shared with you last time.

I did some painting of furniture and also received these vintage bathroom pieces that I placed. I still need to close that gap to the bathroom and finish painting certain pieces.

Moving into the living room, you can see that I began painting these beams white (originally brown). But I have not found my dream living room set yet so not much else has been done in this room.

This is part of the upstairs bedroom. I painted the side tables and I’m still deciding whether or not to paint that bed. What do you think? The fabric laying on the bed is what I am planning on using for bedding. I am also struggling with what to do with that wall. I love the pattern but it does not fit in with the rest of the house. Still deciding…


I had grandiose ideas for the child’s room but lack of dinero has left it sad and lonely looking. It almost looks like the family who once lived there moved out and left what they couldn’t carry. My goal this long Thanksgiving weekend is to finish up and make it look like some one (even if its just wee little dolls) live here. I also would like to paint the floors white. But I keep going back and forth with this one too. My inspiration for the white floors and the white furniture comes from here. Her house has always been something I know I could never have in real life, but maybe in doll house life its possible.


So there you have it… my doll house update. How are your doll houses coming along?


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