My husband surprises me sometimes. I mentioned it would be fun to have our own Thanksgiving on the last day of our four-day holiday weekend and guess what, we did. We bought a turkey, made mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and gravy. Then we sat down for another Thanksgiving dinner, just the two of us. It was incredibly romantic and incredibly delicious. A wonderful end to the lovely holiday weekend.

I have to say how thankful I am for not just my wonderful husband but for my wonderful family and friends. It started out quite busy with the making of many pies to bring to my parents.

Jeff made a pumpkin pie and an apple pie.

I made my first sweet potato pie with this recipe. It turned out wonderfully!

Thanksgiving at my parents house is always a busy, hectic day filled with lots of people, kids and dogs (we had a whopping five dogs and two cats in the house this year). It was a very nice dinner with a busy after dinner walk with the large group and even a fun late night sisterly trip to see Breaking Dawn. The day after Thanksgiving we took the dogs on a really great little hike to try and walk off some of those slices of pie.

Friday night was spent with good friends, drinking beer and tea, talking about babies and playing with babies. Another reminder of how thankful I am to have wonderful, caring, interesting people in my life.

The next day was Saturday and Jeff and I took two very tired dogs home…

I got inspired after cleaning the house and started decorating for Christmas.

The bedroom turned out the loveliest. I added some really simple lights as a head board and replaced old towels on dog crates with some sheep skin throws. I put some festive branches in an old wine bottle to create a centerpiece for the dresser. It’s so much calmer and quieter in the bedroom. I’m loving it.

And of course we ended the night with our very own Sunday Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fantastic weekend and I am certainly ready for the winter holidays approaching. I am so thankful to have had such a nice weekend to reflect upon. I hope you did too.


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