It’s Been Awhile

This post is a long time coming. I know, I have been away for too long, but I had news that I wanted to share and just didn’t know when the appropriate time actually was. I think it was this blog who finally made me feel- “just do it, you know you want to tell everyone.” So here I am, telling the world (or the little fantasy world I have created of people from all over who are patiently waiting for my next posts) that I am expecting! My husband and I are expecting a little girl in August. I don’t like posting pictures of myself but I thought for documentation purposes I would share with you a belly shot. For my belly is growing rapidly, sometimes staying smallish on some days and other days feeling a lot larger than my 19 weeks…


So there’s the big news… the news of my life really. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I’m anxious, I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m happy, I’m tired, I’m anxious, I’m dreaming up all sorts of things and did I mention I’m anxious. šŸ™‚ My Grandmother tells me if I feel anxious, I will have an anxious baby, so of course I am trying my very best to NOT be anxious, but when something you have been waiting for your whole life finally comes along and you’re having to grow it inside of your body, I dare you not to be a little bit anxious too.

My husband is excited too. But men are different. He may be feeling anxious, but he never shows it or talks about it. The whole pregnancy so far has been come what may, he’s cool as a cucumber. I caught him reading the other night (thinking it was a book about beer or Sherlock Holmes) and instead it was a book about becoming a father I had picked up at a yard sale. It made me smile. And I had to document it of course.


This is going to change a lot in our lives. But we are ready and we are excited!


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