Seedlings Sprout

This will be my second container/balcony garden. Last year was somewhat of a success and somewhat an experiment. All of the lavish and lovely gardens I had been seeing pictures of and reading about on my favorite blogs made me want to grow vegetables too and so I thought I would have a bounty of produce and save us hundreds of dollars in Farmers Market costs and I could write about my own amazing success being an urban gardener, blah, blah, blah… however, my bounty didn’t quite turn out the way I dreamed. I had maybe ten tomatoes, several beans and peas, about five mini peppers (which grew to be not quite mini but more micro mini) and three cucumbers. Our bounty was probably enough for one week’s worth of veggies. But, that being said, it was a lot of fun, I learned that I do not get enough sun on either balcony to plant many types of vegetables no matter how many times I move the container and herbs grow very nicely in certain areas and other herbs do not grow well at all, in fact they bring bad bugs and then die on me. So with all these lessons in mind, I am trying again (after a small burst of confidence I could plant and grow an amazing winter garden with absolutly no success at all)… I bought some herbs and have begun planting them and I planted my seeds inside as well and have already gotten some seedlings sprouting up out of the soil.

I plan on doing a lot differently and hopefully this year with my expectations set a little lower about yield, I will enjoy the process more and hopefully understand it a little better as well. Hooray Spring 2012! Looking forward to a new growing season!


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