Rainy Sunday

Before the rain started today, it was chilly but lovely outside. Jeff and I made it to the Farmers Market, had some breakfast from the food trucks there and bought our weekly bounty of produce and bread from the wonderful vendors we have come to know so well.

I love productive sundays when laundry gets done and baked goods get made. I didn’t quite mind when the rain rolled in. My newly planted herbs and beans seemed to almost get greener as the rain came down.

I planted my bean sprouts and pea sprouts last weekend and bought some arugula, mint, thyme and parsley at last week’s farmers market (from the local nursery plant stand) and planted those to start off my 2012 garden. I still have my vegetable seedlings growing steadily on my window sill and if the weather gets warmer I will plant those on the balcony soon too.

I finished the evening with some banana bread (I used this recipe), some Mama-to-be Peaceful Tea and a glance at the calendar realizing this month is almost over and spring is finally here in so many ways.


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