I think I’m Gonna Like It Here

I have a new appreciation for California. The beauty that surrounds me here in this part of Southern California is so much more appealing than my previous surroundings. I wake up with a lovely view, the early morning glow shining in on me.



This little town has a quaintness about it. There is an east coast feel with the chill in the air but you know its on the west coast by the smell of the ocean so close and those palm trees always close by. Our daily walks with the dogs and baby have lent itself to lovely sunrises and sunsets. Last night’s sunset was pink hued with oranges and baby blues swirled about. My camera and photography skill did not do it justice, but the pictures still remind me of the way I’m feeling in this town and the way I’m feeling about this stage in my life… happy, excited and hopeful for what lies ahead…


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