A Little Tree

We’ll be in Boston this year for Christmas, spending the holidays with Jeff’s family. So we decided to go small this year with the Christmas tree.

We went to our local Christmas tree lot and very quickly found the perfect little tree. Ellie seemed to enjoy the outing. She was checking everything out and smiling at passersby.

Earlier that day we went to visit Santa for the first time with Gramma and Grandpa. It was a successful first Santa visit except for Santa scolded me for not keeping socks on the baby. I reminded him it was 75 degrees out and we live in California. And anyway, later on, no socks lent itself to getting to feel the prickly Christmas tree branches on bare feet. An experience no baby should miss.

We took our little tree and our sockless babe home and I got to bring out and reminisce with the ornaments Jeff and I had collected before baby was born. I strung the tree up with lights while The Carpenters Holiday Portrait played in the background and baby Ellie got her first homemade tree lighting.


Our little tree and our little babe… perfect. If I do say so myself.






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