A Lunch Out on the Town

We rarely venture out these days. The baby is not too fond of her car seat and Mama here isn’t quite ready to leave her with anyone yet, so when Jeff suggested the other day that we go into town to get some lunch, I immediately had visions of screaming babies and people staring blankly at us, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head and said, “why not- let’s go!” Main street

Ellie was in good spirits so we headed downtown. It was all decked out with holiday garb. Ellie enjoyed all the sights while hanging out in the Ergo.

lights on main

palm tree lightsWe ate at one of my Dad’s favorite little places. Ellie was great. She’s starting to get curious about what mom and dad put in their mouths. We’re having to make sure she doesn’t grab chips off our plates. I’m not ready for that yet though. She’s growing too fast… I can’t even think about solid food for her yet!

natures grill


she wants someAll in all the lunch outing was a success. It was fun having lunch with my new little family. It’s strange how one little person can cause such differences in the way you do things, like going out for lunch. She’s becoming such a little person already, letting us know her likes and adamantly letting us know her dislikes and observing this fascinating world around her with such intensity these days. A lunch out on the town is just the beginning for this little one.


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