Nana and Papa’s

winter window


christmas lamps


cuckcoo clock

window lamp

lights in kitchen

learning to knit

nana and papas house


We’re here in Boston at my in-laws house for the holidays. It was a bit of a rough adjustment at first for baby girl, but she’s now settling in and seems to be enjoying her new surroundings. This is Ellie’s first time in Boston, staying at Nana and Papa’s. She likes the cuckcoo clocks that go off every hour and smiles at the large Christmas  tree when it’s lit up with lights. We’ve had large family dinners every night always with meat and potatoes of some sort with Jeff’s siblings and their families coming from all over Boston and beyond. We haven’t had any snow yet, just wet, rainy weather but we’re hoping that Ellie will get to experience a little snowfall before we leave. It’s darker here but warm inside. I’m enjoying wearing my sweaters and socks most of the day and drinking decaf coffee with non-dairy creamer. I’m missing my parents (I always do when we come here for christmas), but I am thankful my husband has such a lovely family that we can celebrate the holidays with. Ellie is getting time with her cousins and that time is precious. These are the first memories she’s making, the first memories I’ll have of her first Christmas. Precious, wonderful days, precious, wonderful memories.

p.s. Jeff’s sister is teaching me to knit! I’m very excited and hope to be able to do what she taught me when I’m back home.


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