A Walk Through the Blue Hills



little trees on the trail

baby trees

root trail

little creek


ellies first hike

trailside museum

red tail hawk


bird feeders

liking the animals

family pic


back up the trailWe took a walk through the Blue Hills yesterday afternoon. The air was crisp and it was a bit windy but a nice day to get outside. We bundled the little one up, stuck her in the carrier and headed out. It was a lovely and peaceful walk. Jeff’s parents took us through a trail that led to a wildlife sanctuary of sorts. We saw deer and owls and hawks, all healing from various injuries. It was pretty quiet up in the trailside museum and sanctuary and fun for baby Ellie. She liked looking at all the animals as well as the trees and wildlife around her. It was a nice outing and a nice reminder to slow down and take it all in.


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