Ellie’s First Christmas

We awoke to white all around and snow falling on Christmas morning. I think I was more excited than anything and woke Jeff up so we could bring Ellie out in the snow before it stopped falling.

snowing in massachusetts

it's snowing!


happy ellieIt was fun to start Christmas morning with a little bit of snow! We came inside and stayed inside the rest of the day, cuddled in pj’s from Nana. The rest of Jeff’s siblings joined us, the punch was made, the shrimp cocktail started us off and we enjoyed Christmas movies, opening presents and enjoying each others company. It was a lot for little Ellie who ended up going to sleep very early… but it was a nice first Christmas none the less.

opening presents


more presents

the punch

shrimp cocktail


smiling toys

Merry Christmas Langille FamilyI hope you all had lovely Christmas’ of your own. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!





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