Make More Buy Less

tassajara bread bookAs is New Year’s tradition,  I made a list of resolutions for 2013. My resolutions this year were less about losing those extra pounds or cleaning the house more (two things that certainly should be on a list) but were more ways of living life resolutions; ways I could live a simpler life, a more homey life, a sustainable life. One resololution sticks out a little more than the rest for me- Make more and Buy Less.  

This  is kind of a broad resolution and means many things. It’s more a reminder to myself to try and make as much as I can. Instead of buying that bath mat I saw in Target, how about making one myself out of the old bath towels I was going to toss. Or instead of buying cookies at Trader Joes, how about making them. So this morning I started my resolution of making things when I got an inkling for some breakfast muffins. I pulled out a cookbook I plan on using a lot more regularly this year and found a recipe for some spiced muffin goodness. I love using this cookbook. It was my mom’s very loved copy. It’s fun to come across a recipe I know was loved because of the worn look of the pages or the oil and milk stains splattered on the pages. I like knowing that here I am with a baby of my own, feeding my family from the same recipes my own mother used to feed hers.

muffin recipe


cooking w babySo here’s to a New Year. I welcome 2013 with open arms (and usually a baby strapped to my chest). I know resolutions aside, it will be an interesting one with this continuing role of Mother I am now playing (and enjoying very much). I hope to be cooking more, baking more, and making so much more… join me here as I document the makings of this Mama and everything else that happens in 2013.  I sure hope you will.

Happy New Year!


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