ellie screams

char in the sun

yarn and taproot

orange basket

carrot juice

little hike

at the top

pinecone tree

sugar cookies

great gramie

gramie outfit

gramie windowWhat a lovely weekend! It was certainly cold in these parts of California but we bundled up and enjoyed the sunny chill. There were sugar cookies made, oranges plucked from the tree, rolling over by a certain little one, sweaters on dogs who refuse to go on walks, lunch at a local eaterie, mini hikes to beautiful views with the grandparents and a visit from Ellie’s Great Gramma. How was your weekend?



3 thoughts on “Weekending

    • Thank you for visiting my space! I’m hoping there will be more woolly hats too come. I’m in the process of learning to knit. These hats were crocheted by my sister and the sweater on baby is handknit by my cousin. I just love the woolly things!

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